Heike Reuse is a Canadian-based landscape and wildlife photographer, with a curiosity for urban exploration. After receiving a BFA in photography at OCAD University, Heike has held the position of the first ever photographer in residence, with Parks Canada at Rouge National Urban Park. As an artist, Heike is fascinated by wildlife and the idea of nature as an unstoppable force. She predominantly shoots landscapes, many echoing a theme of industrial abandonment or exploration and rediscovery of forgotten spaces. For Heike photography is not solely about the image, but also the thrill of adventure and exploration of the natural world. 



Timeraiser150, Toronto, Canada (Spring 2017)

Reclaiming the City (Solo Exhibition), Toronto, Canada  (Fall 2016)

OCADU's Gradex, Toronto, Canada  (Spring 2016)

Elastic Effect Exhibition, Toronto, Canada  (Fall 2015)


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